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adda bistro in toronto

Two passionate foodies started their own restaurant named adda bistro in toronto. They both are crazy about exploring the different flavours across the globe.

San and Suro, are two passionate foodies who are crazy about exploring the different flavours across the globe. They believe that every cuisine says a lot about their culture and they have visited over thirty places exploring the world of food.

Guess what? These foodies have decided to start their own restaurant adda bistro in toronto. Their passion for food and travel is the driving force for two people originally belonging to two different professions.

San short for Sanjib is a project manager and Suro also known as Surabhi is a human resource consultant. They have blended their experience from their journeys and ideas from their profession, to start this #Adda Bistro located at 366 Queen Street, Toronto M5A1T1. This location ideally located between the liveliest parts of downtown, Cabbage town and Corktown.

Adda Toronto

Our Inspiration

Indian food in Toronto is almost being misrepresented or ill represented as some spicy curries and butter chicken. We believe that food is a great way to connect with each other, which is why we chose Toronto.

The city has a community of people from different cultures and places who can be introduced to Indian cuisine.

When we say Indian cuisine, we are not restricting our flavours to some usual dishes. But we are experimenting a new way of presenting Indian cuisine by the vivid range of dishes and styles of cooking passed on to us from our older generations.

Check out some of adda bistro in toronto prime dishes like Chicken Dak Bungalow, Railway Mutton (lamb) Curry, Chicken Stew, Mustard Grilled Fish, Cauliflower and Potato Samosas that are worthy of your money and time.

Adda Toronto

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adda bistro in toronto
adda bistro in toronto
adda bistro in toronto